Bounce admins

I’d like the 4ETH i lost to this scam returned to me please.

I can provide proof that I fell victim to the scam which is supported by your platform. You should close it down immediately so that no one else get’s mugged.


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Why is this still up 4 hours later on your platform scamming people?

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IS there anything we can do to get back the ETH …
been caught by this ^%^&(* :frowning:

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Hey Admins of Bounce.

So now we’re well over a day since this was first reported. THIS SCAM on your platform. ROBBING AND STEALING ETH off people FOR FAKE LINK TOKENS.

Your own words follow [my notes in brackets]:

"Social verified pool background [lol]

"Decentralization and user protection [double lol]
The intention of social verified pools is to solve issues with scam/fake pools on the Bounce platform while maintaining the spirit of decentralization.

[you haven’t solved anything since this is a SCAM - so these are just platitudes to make it sound like you give a stuff about whether people get scammed or not, when in fact you don’t. The fact you haven’t even responded to my initial post to verify that this is indeed a SCAM is pretty good proof of that - you just don’t care and everyone everywhere who is thinking of using the Bounce platform should be warned so]

"On a decentralized platform, It is not possible to prevent users to create fake pools, or even ban any user or pool, since it is not possible to determine the legitimacy of any user or pool.

[You can verify very easily and you know it. Or do a far better job than you are. If people have ‘a load of tokens’ to sell then you can check the legitimacy of those tokens. I’m sure you know how. Or perhaps, following a declaration (like this) from a user that they have been SCAMMED, you could suspend the pool until checks have been made to avoid any other of your users being SCAMMED…but you do nothing. You are as guilty as the SCAMMERS…maybe you are them, who knows eh? I can provide proof now that I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED; that this is a SCAM; that these Link tokens are FAKE - you could therefore shut it down or suspend it until such evidence has been validated or not - so why aren’t you interested in doing anything about it? Maybe it’s because Bounce is a SCAM itself]

[If you’re really stuck for ideas… use one of your own ETH and by the 80 ‘Link’, and send them to somewhere else like an exchange or other wallet…and watch them not show up because they are FAKE and this is a SCAM…right…back to your meaningless words now…]

“The solution lies in social interaction to bring more trust and social control to a pool. This mechanism is introduced with Bounce social verified pools to reduce scams, enhance user experience and increase the overall quality of the auctions on the platform.”

[What solution? You haven’t provided one. You’ve created an environment where people who don’t give a flying rat’s bottom about trust just run all over you and the users of your platform, and you let them. I want my ETH back. Please contact me to let me know you’re ready to send me back my ETH. Thanks

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A week later and it’s still there!.. now another 35-40 ETH having been robbed from people for this SCAM SWAP. Bounce Admins you are a discredit to the whole community. Your ethics suck. Your words are meaningless drivel. Give me my ETH back.

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would be nice to get a response at least

Hey Bounce Admins (who don’t care and probably don’t even read these)… not only
is that one still there the /5019 one… but there’s now a new one… - same SCAMMY SWAP! Amazing that you allow such things and then don’t even take them down when they are brought to your attention.

I want my 4 ETH back for the original SCAM WHICH YOU ALLOWED please. You allowed it, so you pay me back.

I’ve created a file via action fraud now and have a crime number. You are mentioned most prominently in the file.

Do the decent thing and refund me my ETH, thanks. Here’s an address to send it to:


Only i lost 5 eth

same here :slight_smile: also got scammed with the same link 4 ETH GONE