I got scammed by one of bounce admins

hello guys as we have see bounce finance hosted kyra presale i lost 5.5 eth on that scam after i contacted one of bounce admins (andy) he scammed me 1 eth more.

my telegram handle = @stuborn2019

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It looks like @andy is trying to get some ETH out of me as well. Is he not a bounce admin? He certainly acts like an admin and uses the official logo in the telegram

“Andy / Never pm for funds” (Botman007) is 100% a scammer. We have proof. He’s also an admin, so Bounce Finance has a serious problem.

Yes i just got scammed by him, i have screenshots as well with the transaction link, do not trust him
I was kicked out the group as well
I have more screenshots as well

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Yeah - got this andy guy on telegram trying to scam me too - wants me to send eth to revert transaction through a sub pool… so turned off by the crypto space… And the lack of moderation by the bounce team (both with auction prerequisites and telegram scammers)… What a shitty day

We’ve been trying to contact the people behind Bounce to warn about this Telegram admin; info@bounce.finance, tweeted, contacted partners on Twitter. It’s hard to get a response, not sure how trustworthy Bounce Platform is.

They’re chaning usernames, @Botman777, @botman008

hi You have to be careful, cheater too much